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Oklahoma Community Anchor Network (OCAN) Operational Policies

As a division of the Oklahoma State Regents, operated in cooperation with the Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES), OneNet maintains operational policies consistent with the BTOP NOFA's nondiscrimination and network interconnection requirements and additionally, adhere to the principles contained in FCC 05-151. These policies are available from OneNet's website (link opens in a new window) under the 'Policies' section.

INTERCONNECTION POLICY: OneNet provides interconnection points at over 50 locations across Oklahoma. Currently, nearly 40 telecommunication providers interconnect with OneNet's network to provide last-mile and middle-mile services to members. A number of these and new interconnection points will allow commercial wholesale participants access to network components and services such as wavelengths and dark fiber at reasonable rates and terms. In order to provide more direct interconnection between residential users and OneNet members, OneNet encourages settlement-free peering with all willing Internet service providers within Oklahoma especially in the facilitation of interconnect between residential and business users with anchor institutions.

NONDISCRIMINATION POLICY: OneNet provides Internet services to educational institutions, 501(c)(3)s, government, tribal, health and research organizations (members) in an open, non-discriminatory manner. Any member within the OneNet service area is eligible to connect at reasonable rates and terms. OneNet uses several upstream Tier 1 Internet service providers as well as several commodity peering connections that provide access to the public Internet. OneNet makes no distinction in its treatment of customer traffic based on application or content. OneNet will provide wholesale access to network components and resources at reasonable rates and terms and without discrimination.

NETWORK MANAGEMENT POLICY: The OneNet Internet service is based on best-effort delivery. OneNet does not use any mechanisms to allocate bandwidth preferentially to any specific class of users, applications, or sources except where requested by the member. For example, members may request quality of service settings for video services and content filtering to achieve CIPA compliance. In such cases, only the requesting member's traffic is affected. Users, peers, and providers are limited only by the physical or contractual bandwidth limitations of their connection to the network. OneNet does not restrict user's access to specific content, block the use of specific applications, or limit the type of devices that can be used to access the network. OneNet will block any traffic destined for its infrastructure by unauthorized sources and may take the appropriate action to either block or limit traffic that transits its network if, by OneNet's determination, that traffic is harmful to the recipient. OneNet will cooperate with law enforcement if notified of harmful or illegal traffic transiting its network.